About Us

On the outer layer, we are just a regular micro-bakery doing artisanal desserts on order - but as you peel away you see passionate individuals trying to make their crazy ideas and dreams into reality while trying to navigate how to make them tangible. 

When the pandemic hit the world, and our founder, Sejal Parnami, returned to the safe haven of her hometown - Jaipur, where she found out slowly that the few days of lockdown was actually going to be months. Riddled with how to spend her time productively - she decided to do small pop ups with a limited menu every week to pass her time. Little did she know that very soon, this would turn her life upside down and take over her entire life becoming one of the best decisions she has ever taken. 

Sejal Parnami, our head pastry chef and owner has trained and worked in multiple fine dine and gourmet patisseries in India and France, before opening Sejal Parnami Patisserie with a steel tin and a small oven in 2020. She now focuses on making small batch productions of elevated comfort food, and delivering edible happiness. 

Our mission is to continue our philosophy of small batch production - authentic original recipes, finest quality ingredients, no preservatives or synthetic mass produced components- everything is made in house, with fresh and majorly local produce. Our idea is to give our food and our bodies the respect that they deserve, and at the same time to alter the way the people of Jaipur have been viewing desserts- into something to cherish and experience with wonder.

We absolutely love playing around with flavour combinations, with an ever changing menu. Our key is to hit the right balance between crazy and comfort. 

We want to change the way kitchens are usually run in this industry, from strategic robotic production - to something a lot more human and interpersonal. We allow ourselves to stumble and find our footing, to take chances than to go hiding behind safety. We believe in connecting with our food, to understand it and love it- only then can we deliver the love we know desserts have the power to share, with you.

Please bear with us as we try to make it a better and more joyful experience - for both you and us. We are here to be a part of the bigger community and we require nothing more than your support, and in return, we promise to keep pushing hard and trying our best wherever we can.